What is Addiction or Dependence?

Addiction or dependence means feeling that you need a substance in order to carry on doing what you want to do, even if problems result from its use. If you are dependent on a substance (like illicit drugs, alcohol or smoking) then you might be said to be addicted to it. Drug addiction is the compulsive use of a substance, despite its negative or dangerous effects.

But overall, we shouldn't view addiction or dependence in simple or absolute terms (that someone is either a hopeless addict or not). People may be dependent on substances in many different ways and to a variety of degrees of intensity.

Addiction doesn’t stop at drugs, alcohol and smoking. People can become overly attached to gambling, sex, shopping, computer games - even just browsing social networking sites or using the internet. These non-drug addictive behaviors are similar in that the person has a lack of control over their behavior.

Types of Dependence

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