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We welcome all donations. We have 80 (G) tax exempt status with the Government of India as a charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible for the year in which the donation was made.

Your donations will be used for

  • Creating Awareness
  • Doctor training
  • Educating the Youth of India
  • Treat an Addict
  • Rebuild an Addict’s Life

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You can get involved on the various projects run by the Dependence Free Life Foundation. We will put up various projects on our website for which we require volunteers who are willing to make a change. Those who want to experience something different and are willing to share their time, skills & knowledge can plan a volunteering activity with us.

If you have a dedicated professional staff willing to associate in the volunteering activity, we provide you the platform to explore their creativity. This can prove to be an amazing opportunity for employee engagement as it helps in team bonding away from the arduous working hours. If you have a specific skill set or interest as a company which you think could help the NGO achieve its mission, then please contact our office to find out more details.

To volunteer or know more about our programs, please complete our Corporate Registration Form and email it to us at and we will be happy to help.

Provide Employment

We at DFL are committed to helping a patient reconnect back to the society and we need your help. The most important phase of a patient’s journey towards leading a dependence free life is after going through the treatment. This is the most vulnerable stage in his dependence free life as he/she requires financial / emotional support from his family and the society. You can help them by providing employment in your organization.

We want to hear your ideas on how we can help these patients reconnect to the society. Please write to us at

Spread the Word

We want you to help us create awareness amongst your employees. You can inform the employees about the existence of our website by posting on your notice boards, emailers etc.

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To get more information on how you can create awareness amongst your employees or need help with the DFL material, please contact us at

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