Privacy Policy

Your confidentiality is of great importance to us.

You are not required to give any personal identifying information (such as name, address, telephone number etc), unless you provide it voluntarily, to register on the website. Any personal information that you do submit to us through the website or to our participating doctor will not be shared with any third party and will be kept strictly confidential.

We do however ask that you voluntarily submit an email address so that doctors can respond to you and the matching system can work. We suggest that you use an email address that does not contain your name or identifies you in any way. As soon as we receive your application, the email address you submitted via our secure encrypted website is converted to an ID number and then disassociated from your application. When we send your submission to doctors for review, all that is sent is the ID number, and doctors respond to you through our site, so no one ever has access to your email address or any identifying information.

The only time you will need to surrender your anonymity is when you call the doctor privately on the phone and make an appointment, at which time your privacy is further protected, under law, by the doctor’s office.

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