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Firstly great work by the moderators,would like to appreciate their work towards the society in terms of this website.One of my friend just 23 yrs old ,who was totally an alcohol addict got a new lease in life by getting treatment from the right doctor and right medication saved him and now he is doing well in his life. Thanks to this wonderful website that connected him to the right doctor and saved his life.Now he is happily married and enjoying Alcohol free life. Save urself ..Get in touch with a Doctor now through this website and avail free Dependence life forever:)

on Jun 11, 2013, by ARUN DASSI, EMPLOYED


I think it is a very helpful site specially to all the parents who don't know what can be done to save their children. As a moral and social responsibility we must ensure that we let the maximum people know about this site so as to combat addiction.

on May 28, 2013, by Sakshi Sawant, Working

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